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 Abel VISP - One Product Many Uses

Become a Virtual Internet Service Provider and provide discounted Broadband ADSL, subscription free 0845 Internet access, unmetered Internet access and email addresses under your own domain name.

Boost customer loyalty, brand awareness and company prestige by providing these and other VISP services.

Out-source to Abel provision of email and other Internet services for your clients and staff under your own Domain name.

  • Generate income by selling discounted ADSL / SDSL Broadband & other services

  • Generate 0845 call-share revenue

  • Offer important added value services

  • Increase customer loyalty

  • Heighten and reinforce brand awareness

  • Boost company credibility

Abel VISP, powered by Abel Internet (est. 1990), is one of the longest standing VISP services in UK. The versatility of Abel VISP is demonstrated by the variety of its clients and its many different uses. Organisations and businesses of all sizes are taking advantage of the many opportunities Abel VISP service offers.

Abel VISP's clients to date include the Ministry of Defence, Motor Manufacturers, Banks, Tourist Boards, Schools and other Academic Institutions, Computer Network Organisations, Web Design Houses, Retailers, Service Industries, Business Corporations, SMEs and Sole Traders.

To discuss the potential advantages of Abel VISP please contact us. To become an Abel VISP today sign up by completing our secure form.